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San Carlo JNS pupils learning about electricity
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Energy Green Code Save energy, Save electricity Now! Even teachers too! We want an energy saving school! Reduce, re-use, recycle, That’s the rule! Our uniform is brown, Our tracksuit is red, And our school will be green. Because after all, We want an energy saving school!
Our Time on the Green Schools Committee by Rebecca Jiao, Ben Maguire & Kane Dalchow We are members of the Greens Schools Committee. Ben and Rebecca joined in 1 st class. Kane joined in 2 nd class. We were happy and excited to be part of the Green Schools Committee. When we first joined the Greens Schools Committee we had a meeting. We met all the children and the teachers on the committee. Last year, we were busy but happy working as litter monitors. We kept the school tidy by litter picking at break time and checking the bins in other classes on Fridays to make sure the rubbish was in the correct bins. We also checked the rubbish in the rubbish bag to see how much waste there was. We loved telling Mrs.Diggins who the best class was at recycling. The best class gets Michael Recycle in assembly each week. This year we still had to keep the school tidy but we also got new jobs as we had to work towards saving energy in our school. Guzzler was our mascot. He even came to visit us on Black Out Day. We gave each class tips to help them save energy. We became the Energy Squad. We did spot checks. The classes that followed Guzzler’s energy tips got a sticker. After Easter we received the great news that we won our second Green flag, the Energy flag. We were thrilled and also very proud. We are looking forward to the ceremony for raising the Energy flag. We loved helping the school by keeping it tidy and saving energy. We will miss this school alot but we will see our two Green flags from the Senior school. Maybe in a few years we will see a third Green Flag!
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